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Original abstract painting by Karen M. Andersen. Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, 61 x 61cm (24 x 24 inches).

Gallery wrapped canvas, signed in bottom left corner, date and title written on the back. Comes varnished with the sides of the canvas painted in the same colours as the artwork, completely ready to hang with hooks and wire attached at the back. FREE SHIPPING across Australia and worldwide.


My favourite place in my home region of the Fraser Coast is Fraser Island (K'gari), in particular, the iconic Seventy-Five Mile Beach. Being there has a way of calming and centering my soul. I love driving up the seemingly neverending beach, gazing over the waves, marvelling over how the water changes colour from pale aqua to turquoise to indigo blue. I love watching the incoming tide, the way it meanders over the sand, inching ever closer to the high tide mark. I love walking in the waves as they lap the shore and pausing to look for animals in the water. Most of all, I am enthralled by the waves as they curl and splash in a flurry, throwing white foam into the air. It is these feelings and experiences that I and many others have on Seventy-Five Mile Beach which I have endeavoured to portray in this painting.


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