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Original abstract painting by Karen M. Andersen. Acrylic on canvas, 45 x 61cm (18 x 24 inches).

Wrapped canvas, signed in the bottom left corner, date and title written on the back. Comes varnished with the sides of the canvas painted in the same colours as the remainder of the artwork, completely ready to hang with hooks and wire attached at the back. FREE SHIPPING across Australia and worldwide.

I love being in water. I love looking at the ocean as it ebbs and flows, waves tossing and turning in a flurry then lapping gently at the shore. I love watching the sun dance across the surface of a pool, lake, or creek. I love that first dive in, the sudden jolt of coolness as it hits my warm skin. I love floating on my back, looking into the blue sky as I relax into the coolness, my worries floating away with each breath. I love swimming, propelling myself along with my arms and legs, feeling happy and free. It is all of these things that I aimed to convey in my painting "Dive In".

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