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Original abstract painting by Karen M. Andersen. Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, 51 x 51cm (20 x 20 inches).

Gallery wrapped canvas, signed in the bottom right corner, date and title written on the back. Comes varnished with the sides of the canvas painted in the same colours as the remainder of the artwork, completely ready to hang with hooks and wire attached at the back. FREE SHIPPING across Australia and worldwide.

Struggle...it's a common thread that binds us all, something we all experience in our lives at some stage.

For me, my greatest struggle has been with mental illness. I suffer from depression, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and PTSD. It is a battle that I almost lost. I'm happy to say though that I made my way through the worst of it thanks to medication and therapy and when I did, it was like a rebirth, like I became a different person. I rose from a very dark place of sadness, hopelessness, self-doubt and despair into one filled with light, happiness, positivity, confidence, and determination...into a new life full of promise.

This painting is about overcoming obstacles in life, be they big or small. It's about success born from failure, joy born from pain, triumph born from tragedy, it's about peace born from war. It's for all of you who have struggled and have made your way from the darkness and into the light. I wish you continued strength and peace.


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