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Original abstract painting by Karen M. Andersen. Acrylic on canvas, 76 x 61cm (30 x 24 inches).

Wrapped canvas, signed in the bottom left corner, date and title written on the back. Comes varnished with the sides of the canvas painted in the same colours as the remainder of the artwork, completely ready to hang with hooks and wire attached at the back. FREE SHIPPING across Australia and worldwide.


Our wonderful Coral Sea is a diverse and thrilling environment. It is home to beds of seagrass that is fed upon daily by fish and dugongs, to a myriad of seaweeds that sway gently in the current, and to our beautiful brilliantly-coloured and ecologically diverse coral reefs. It is like a garden to me - an underwater garden - and I felt compelled to capture its beauty and diversity on canvas.

This painting was awarded 2nd place in the "Hidden Wonders" exhibition, Hervey Bay Regional Gallery, May 2017.


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